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At !Xam, we give the biggest attention to the smallest details. So when it comes to the repair of your jewellery, we are fixated on working diligently with your pieces. We are very mindful that your old jewellery has a story or carries a connection to a loved one or a moment in your life. So we treat any repair, regardless of the cost of the item, with care, focus and attention.

It starts with having an on-site workshop. This means that our expertise is on-premises and not outsourced to a third party service provider. It also means our repairs are cost effective and our timing to completion is as efficient as possible.

Our advice for repairs is open and honest. We will not take on a project that we think may compromise your piece. We will look at the item that needs repair and then make recommendations for restoration.

The types of repairs that we perform include:

  • sizing up or down of gold, silver and platinum rings, bracelets and chains
  • repolishing to restore original shine
  • white or black rhodium plating and rose, white or yellow gold plating
  • soldering of all types – for chains or clasps or other cracks in metal. This includes spot or laser soldering, to minimize heat build-up, which protects delicate gems.
  • re-tipping of claws
  • tightening of gems or resetting of gems, including replacement if any are missing
  • adding sizing beads or bars into a ring, including for those with athritic challenges
  • tennis bracelet repolishing and rhodium plating and fastening of links to like-new
  • re-applying a finish to a metal, such as diamond, hammered or brushed finishes
  • re-shanking rings that are thin through wear – full, half, quarter or less
  • reshaping bent pieces
  • re-applying milgrain or other jewellery fine details
  • repolishing of gems that are chipped, cracked or abraded
  • pearl restringing, drilling or resetting
  • replacement of earring backings

We welcome you to bring in your old pieces to consider how we can repair them for you to restore them to their original condition. Please call or stop by to discuss the options.

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